Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Electric Forest Festival

When I first arrived at Electric Forest Festival the center was not open yet, everyone was setting up their spaces. I remember talking to our neighbors who had gone to Rothbury a couple years ago. I told them it was my first time and all the other festivals I had gone to, their response to me was “The Sherwood Forest will change your life.”

There were 5 stages, a lake, swings, disc golf course, a water park, and the forest.

Lets begin with the forest. You walk through the festival doors and walk past the Ranch Area stage and all of a sudden you see purple and green lights, tall trees everywhere that are lit up by changing lights, paintings hung in the air, disco balls, sculptures on every corner, hammocks, lasers, and pictures of aliens and boxes and swirls. There are lights on the ground facing up and around that are always moving. At night the forest turns into a magical place and you cant believe you are witnessing it. All you can do it look around in awe and every time you look around you see something new. In the forest is a stage so music is spinning while you are completely immersed in the electric forest wonderland.

The acts were amazing. The stages had such good sound that it sounded like you were inside of a building but every stage was outside. No tents like Bonnaroo so every body could enjoy the artists. The light shows were amazing. One thing about Electric forest was that it was a relaxing festival as well. It wasn’t scorching hot at 7am, the first three days we slept until 12 because it was overcast and wonderful. You also get to lie in hammocks, which are the best thing ever, I bought one and now I can hammock anytime anywhere.

The first night we got there we saw Lynx. She is great, she sings, beat boxes, plays guitar, drums, and DJ’s all by herself and at the same time. Then we saw Excision, then Kaskade, then Lotus. We spent the rest of the early morning/late night in hammocks in the forest before they closed it for the night. We didn’t feel like sleeping so we danced on the main street where there was food and people spinning music until the sun came up.

The next day I saw Zion I and Mofro, then Stephen Marley, which was great. He played tons of Bob songs. Then someone said to check out The New Deal, wow they were great. Super dancy. The String Cheese Incident played for 4 hours every single night. I have never heard them before but enjoyed it. Then it was Galactic, they sounded like Cheese because they were a jam band as well but the singer had such a funky voice, I thought it was better. Then my dancing feet came on during the night for Tiesto, Break Science, and Feed Me. After Break Science Kelly was so tired so we were heading back but as soon as we passed the stage where Feed Me was he started playing some nasty dub step beats and I told them id see them later and sprinted for the crowd. After that I dragged my body back to the camp and passed out.

The next day the sun came out at around 11. This day was the dub step day so we knew we were going to be out super late so we tried to relax at our camp for a while. We chilled, got food, talked to lots of people. The best part was that on the main street when we got food there was a guy with a hammock stand with a few set up. I laid on one, Kelly on one, and Taylor on one and we didn’t get up for 3 hours, its ok though because we each were sold on buying one at the end. After we were rested we went back to get ready then ventured to the forest. Saw String Cheese then Bassnectar. Bassnectar knocked me and everyone out of the water. It was sooo good that it amazes me until this day. So loud that the music completely moved through you, so many lights that went with the sounds, and him with his long hair rocking out. In my opinion it was the best performance at the festival. Nothing topped it. I lost Kelly and Tay during it because all I wanted to do was dance. It was the first time I was sad that a performance ended because nothing would be that good. After that I went to see Skrillex, which was good, but not as amazing as Bassnectar. After I ventured to the forest. The forest is always in your mind after the first time you experience it at night.

Then came the last day. We went into the forest at about 1 and lay in hammocks for about two hours and listened to Railroad Earth play. Then it was time for Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes. Alex, the lead singer, went into the crowd and hugged lots of people and gave everyone high fives. He was right in front of me, I had to take a picture of him. They were great but I was a little disappointed seeing them live. Alex barely sang the songs, he was quiet and singing them differently than we know. At this point I was by myself, I didn’t need a couple cuddling and kissing in front of me when my Australian and I had just broken up. I was madly in love with the man when we were together then the separation tore us apart and now after a year of turmoil we are done. It makes me sad because I fear than I will never find something so amazing, that I might not fall in love so hard again. I was content being without them for most of the festival so I didn’t have to see that. After Edward Sharpe I went to Beats Antique, which was super great. There were two of them playing lots of different instruments and a girl with a huge drum who danced as well. There I met a friend. The first time I saw him we gave each other a huge hug. Then I said I was leaving and walked off and the next thing I know he is next to me offering me avocadoes and oranges back at his tent. At first I was weary but then I thought Why not? He is cute and seems nice and I am alone, so lets just go with the flow. We went back to his area, he set up a hammock for me, and we talked and laughed and drank beers and ate. At festivals the rate at which you become comfortable with people is super fast. Probably because you’re in an environment where you are just yourself, everyone is really who they are and its freeing and true. After we chilled out we went back to see the last of Cheese, which was awesome. Then the moment everyone has been waiting for, Pretty Lights!!!!! After Cheese Jed and I went to get a good spot. Pretty Lights was a half hour late and we were a half hour early. He killed it. The sound was so good and the light show was amazing. I love Pretty Lights, I planned all my festivals around where he was going to be and I could listen to him right now. He was supposed to play for an hour and a half then we were supposed to see Eoto close out the night but he played for hours and he closed out the night.

After the show we ventured to the forest for the last time. We sat there and looked around us at the electricity and colors and movement in the forest. It was amazing. I have met a few great guys and people at festivals. On one hand it makes me happy but on the other it makes me sad because I feel like I can only meet the types of people I want at festivals, then its over. Where are they in life? How do I find them and how do our true selves come out? At festivals we are already a couple weeks into knowing each other the first time we meet. When I started this summer trip I had the utmost faith that everything will turn out the right way. I still have that faith but it’s a rough patch. I want an epiphany. I want something to speak to my soul and tell me that this is where I’m supposed to be and this is who I’m supposed to be with. I know it’s only been a month and for the past 3 weeks I was with a couple and in a few days I will be by myself again and able to do whatever I want. That night Kelly and I slept for 3 hours in her car while Taylor was in my tent. We woke up at 530am and got our stuff together and packed then made out way to the ferry that took us across the Michigan River to Wisconsin where we drove another 4 hours to get to her cabin. Her cabin is sweet, it’s on the lake and we jet skied and played on the big blob at the camp across the lake. Then showered and slept in a real bed. I miss being able to hear out of my left ear.

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  1. hahaha I'm going to Roo AND The Forest this year. Both for the first time :D what a coincidence!